Monday, September 22, 2008

Augusta Georgia still Has A Strong Real Estate Market

With all the negative financial news lately do you feel like the sky is falling?

How much of the national, state or even local situation can you personally change? Very little, right? We can only keep our positive attitude & realize everybody lives in a house & most would like to move if you can help make it happen. How will YOU help them get happily moved?

While other parts of the country are having tremendous difficulties we need to realize how fortunate we are to live & work in the CSRA Georgia.

Think about the "typical" CSRA employee.

Are they affected by these blips in the economy?

They work at seven major Hospitals & the Medical College of Georgia, The Savannah River Site, Defense Dept- Ft. Gordon, Child and Adult education plus the plants we have here make toilet paper & Tide soap! How many of these employers will cut back on their work force when things slow down? We still get sick, need a nuclear deterrent, need a military defense, must educate our curtain climbers, need toilet paper & we wash clothes.

Also realize that Ft. Gordon is still gaining numbers from BRAC, NSA & other National Security efforts.

How about Plant Vogtle? It will take 5-8 years and thousands of workers to complete the two new units. Not only will new jobs be created but the pay & benefits will be excellent. The painter/carpenter/plumber working in Augusta today for $8-12 an hour will have an opportunity to work there at a higher rate & more hours. They will be able to afford to move up. Plus ALL the new, incoming employees that go through Southern Co./ Ga. Power. I understand there will be over a projected 300 engineers alone. Plus the trades employees will need housing.

The first two units took about eight years to complete & I recall there were over 10,000 workers, some 3-4,000 at any one time.
When units I & II were built the entire market & especially South Augusta Georgia & Martinez Georgia experienced tremendous growth.

So as the rest of the country wonders about the future of the Real Estate market, we here in Augusta Georgia, CSRA can be fairly comfortable with the future of our Market.

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